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New Zealand Karst - A voyage across limestone landscapes into the subterranean realm of caves

Auteur(s) : Max Wisshak • Stefanie Wisshak - speleo-photo editions - 2020

New Zealand Karst is a high-quality coffee-table book by geoscientist and photographer Max Wisshak and his wife Stefanie Wisshak. The book is aimed equally at a readership interested in natural science and at friends of skilful nature photography. Accompanied by a foreword contributed by renowned karst researcher Paul W. Williams, the lavishly designed 256-page work guides readers through the diverse aspects of New Zealand's karst landscapes and caves. The authors characterise this voyage as follows:
„Karstified landscapes are among the most bizarre on our planet – both above and below ground. New Zealand Karst takes you on a visual journey across sublime karst scenery and into the subterranean wilderness of New Zealand caves. Accompanied by popular scientific texts, stunning images lead you from the sculptured limestone pavements of the alpine marble karst to the grassland and jungle karst of the foothills, onwards into the twilight zone and deeper into the caves. It explores the diversity of peculiar features and creatures of the underground, ventures back into the light of cave ruins, and concludes with karst-related Māori rock art.
Learn about the life cycle of the endemic glowworm and the critically endangered Nelson cave spider. Explore the majesty of cave minerals forming speleothems of all types. Discover the many roles water plays in shaping karst and understand the vulnerability of these geotopes and biotopes. New Zealand Karst reveals how you can appreciate karst as a phenomenon where geological, biological, and archaeological beauty all come together in harmony.“y. - 256 pages: 232 colour photos ans 3 graphs. 31x22,5 cm
. Genre : livre neuf

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New Zealand Karst -  A voyage across limestone landscapes into the subterranean realm of caves    

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