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Caving and Rock Art in the Dominican Republic 2003-2008

Auteur(s) : Eric Labarre, Translated by Darius HOLTOM - autoedition - 2009

This work recalls the speleological results obtained during five successive stays in the Dominican Republic between 2003 and 2008. - 68 pages, square stuck back - Format A 5 (21 X 14,5) - More than 50 coloured photographs. Some topographical surveys and drawings made by the author

Located in the Greater Antilles on the island of Hispaniola which also includes Haiti, the Dominican Republic is not only well known for its paradisiac beaches but also for its karstic relief favourable for the formation of many cavities, where superb landscapes of mogotes and cénotes spread out as far as the eye can see.

A very great number of cavities have been discovered, some of which have great archaeological interest as they are decorated with Amerindian cave art.

The presence of these paintings and cave engravings testifies to the cultural heritage left by the Taïno Amerindians who populated the island up until the arrival of the first European colonisers.

The work reviews, in a chronological order, the visits of cavities carried out by province. The descriptions of about twenty cavities are mentioned and abundantly illustrated.
. Genre : livre ancien

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Caving and Rock Art in the Dominican Republic 2003-2008    

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